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    Use on double plate rib machinesıThis knitting report has 4 system reports. Two in cylinder and capşsooner or laterşit iğuse whatılmbusinesstır. Cylinder and cover in the 1st systemğwhat 1 stitch 1 skip and 2nd system 1st system layoutğplay on what crossheatCylinder in the 3rd systemğwhats skip cover iğWhat loops, in the 4th system, the cover isğskip what, cylinder iğknit in the loop position.şturmaktadır.






    All your braidsşlongıcıwasğIn order to produce RR punto di roma rib knitting like this, the machine is readyıengagementı must. The machine is ready to knitıi to become rğwhat selection, steel selection, yarn selection, may sıklLIGHT adjustmentıthread tension adjustmentı, machine hız-adjustmentı and the sandş shooting settingsınıwhat do you doılması is required. Count steel path on circular rib knitting machineısıaccording to one typeğwhat's nextıdifferent in cover and cylinderı standing iğwhat is available. Generally, rib machines are used in the sector as two steel ways.ılmtadır. Double way for this knitting (Double i in the marketğwhat railı-double steel-two iğuse it in expressions like what wayılmtadır.) rib machine is required.


    There are also two different types in double-track knitting machines in cylinder and cover.ı feetı (heels) iğwhat do you useılmtadır. this iğwhat are the dimensionsı the sameı could beğdifferent like iı can also be. The point to be paid particular attention to is; Iğwhat feetının, iğneither their places onğişdoubleğis. RR punto di roma rib fabric In the cover and cylinder of the machine for the production of iğwhat string doılıtwo differentı group iğThe items should be arranged according to the features specified in the report.

    The fabric to be produced n steel report 1st heel on cylinder and cap in system 1 (A iğwhat) iğwhat loop, in the 2nd system, the 2nd heel (B iğwhat) iğwhat will it do şarranged in plantşTruck. Cylinder A and B in system 3ğWhile looping completely, the cap will jump. In the 4th system, caps A and B will jump while the cylinder is completely skipping.ğwhat will it do şmake an editılmbusinesstır.

    The steel systems of the ribbing machine are adjusted to the RR punto di roma rib weaveıplace pşAdjusts the length (may) of the loops from the may gauge steels on the cylinder and cover steels after they are knitted.ınıwhat do you doılması must.


    Provide yarn delivery to systemsğlain positive yspindletimesı return of firnersş hızsının settingı the desired s of the weave withıklıkta and afiedrlıto be stagnantı sağlanır.

    Provide yarn delivery to systemsğlain positive yspindletimesı return of firnersş hızsının settingı the desired s of the weave withıklıkta and afiedrlıto be stagnantı sağlanıIn order to knit the r.Punto di roma rib knit, the movement of the furnisor system of the rib knitting machine must be transmitted from the double pulley system.businessmomentğwhat's not too muchı due to machine hızı slightly more h than full ribızlı In Punto di roma rib production, sand is used.ş shooting settingının decreaseılması must. Because the machine has two s in 4 systems.ıra complete knittingır. This situation causes the machine to knit in one turn.ğbaseıra countısını dişis breeding. Draft setting for a normal RR rib knitı yapıldLIGHTin the sandş shooting gearı kumaşa will give a lot of tension. Because in punto di roma rib, the performance is 1/2 ratio compared to normal rib knitting.ıd inşst.


    Adjustment of the distance between the cover and the cylinder the machine spent on one loopLIGHT loop quantityınıIt is effective in determining n. This is the unit weightını do tooğdirect effects. appearanceş as this settingın openılması softerşwhite sandş do to getğenergy billır.Machine pleasureıAfter it is r-formed, some sample is put into the sand.ş must be knitted. This knitted sandş use forıIan yarn, sample fabricş should be similar toıdır. Knitted sample fabric whether it has the desired featuresLIGHTnı need to check.


    The sand knitted hereş sample, if any, to the sample sandş with snow laştırılır; toğeach sample fabricş or orderş take into account the desired features in the formımake a checkılır. After all these checksı sand if it has the desired properties.ş goes into production. TOğthe desired featureğalso haveğIf it is a province, make the necessary settings again.ılır. Desired settings on the machineıwhat do you doılması, sample fabric n knit and checkılması result in sand n can be produced. sand n during productionıpossible inı be careful for mistakesıdır.



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Circular Knitting RR Punto Di Roma Rib Braids