Circular Knitting Basic Structures
  • Circular Knitting Basic Structures



    Single i in circular knitting machinesğwhat to sleepfiedRL plain weave fabric obtained fromşlara Turkish knitting marketıuse inılan single jersey term, general meaningıwith jersey kumaşa profit lıktır.

    especially writtenık in sportswear and underwear rında wideş useım areaıhas.







    this sandyour work general features şflourdır: 

    1- The front and back sides are differentı appearanceşt is.

    2-Openık en or tube şa fabric that can be produced in the form of (tubular)ştır,

    3-Diğknitted fabricşlarger thanş It is possible to obtain the most

    4-It stretches both longitudinally and transversely, butğprivate sandşlowest compared toşhigh stretch featureğhas a den,

    5-Knitting report single iğwhat plateıat least 1 iğIt consists of ne and 1 yarn movement. (normal knitting report two knits side by sideğwith what and two stitches in a rowırasıbe fromşur)

    6-Sandş build on one plateştuğamount of yarn used for uı leastdır,

    7-Dimensional stability is lessır,

    8- Yawnedğinde şattached may be corrupted,

    9-to body movements harmony, diğsingle yarn knitted fabricşflexible according toğhave lessı due toşthank you

    10-From the sides to the sand n do the back sideğru is woven into the front of the weave from the top and bottom.ğru kıvrılma vardır,

    11-Diğlowest knitşgreat patterning opportunityıit has,

    12- Single jersey fabric what do you doısı got bulkyğwith dehumidification for uğdue toısı with absorbentği'm fine,

    13İfoldğbreak inı broken loops, loop loopsının slipına, so don't run awayıthey cause

    14-Knitted fabric stay nınlLIGHT, useıthe same raw materialı to stayworkArticleılower withşthank you

    15İthin, lightly openıdo kı with afieddo rıbetweenıcheşthey show resentment,

    16-Cutting and sewingşLemi stretch featureğbecause of yourı is problematic,

    17-Kısmen underwear and knitwearıwrite as nıkdbusiness use in the clothing industryım areaı foundştype,

    18-Does not require too much ironing, kırheatklıclearını they lose easily. 



    RR-Dual plateı perpendicular to each other in knitwear (flat knitting), circular and warp knitting machines, openılı or parallel and snow lıklı cross one şplant in the fieldşknurledş, two iğwhat to sleepfiedknown especially for their appearance and elasticity, obtained fromınan RR rib fabricşare known as.






    RR rib fabricşhomeın general features şflourdır: 

    1-Count of reverse L and hundred R loopsısı eşit's in the sand mirror on front and backı has the image. So it's double faced

    2-Double plateı Knitwear (plain knitting), double layer produced on circular and warp knitting machines.ı knitted fabricştır,

    3-Knitting pattern in double plate, at least 2ğand 1 yarn movement (normal, the main knitting pattern is 2 side by side) şer iğknit 2 stitches in a row with whatırasıbe fromşur).

    4-Knitting report is in double plateştuğfor u, the amount of yarn spentı single jersey fabricşmore than thoseır,

    5-High elasticity and sıcram-specificği gotır,

    6-Longitudinal stretching featureği dşthank you. Elastic in the transverse directionği is high,

    7- Stretching in the transverse direction is more than plain weaves.ır,

    8- Stretch featureğbe highı due to rib knitted fabric n body fitğs,

    9-knitted fabric n both sidesınumber of stitches inıhomeı eşIf it is it, the loops on the front and back will balance each other. Therefore, RL single jersey sandşhappened inğk on edges like uıvrılm is not seen. That is, it is capable of laying flat on both ends and edges.ğhas a den. Kısacası, RR rib knit fabricş cut edgesıfrom kıvrıno way,

    10-Aloneıyou can only turn from the last loop,

    11-Aloneıthere may only be escaping from the last loop,

    12-Eşit or differentı designımda can have either balanced or unbalanced ribs (R-loop pattern in length),

    13-Useıthe raw materials are the sameı stay on recordıyla, rib fabric stay nınlLIGHT single jersey fabricşstay longer thanındır,

    14-Flat or shapedş use in upper clothing knittingımay,

    15-Touchedş or differentı kind of fabricşhomeın edgeına cheşcan be applied as it,

    16-RR Rib knitted fabricşmake them voluminousısı with dehumidification featureği forısı with good absorbent properties,

    16-RL Single jerseyşhigher weight thanı kumaşcan be obtained,

    17- High transverse elasticityğbecause of yourı circular positionsı is correct,

    18İthat knit layerı betweenıair held inğfor u, body sıkeeps it warm

    19İd and dbusiness in clothing and especially its elasticity, beingı desired sleeve, collar, waist kısıDo you haveıwide as a rubber knitş use oneım areaı foundşbaconır.  



    single storeyı kumaş make the production on the circular knitting machine that producesılır. Harosha sandşhomeın, single jersey, rib and interlock fabric.şuse less thanım areaıto haveı number of companies producing these machines.ısı lessdır, Ayrıca these companiesın haroşa machines production quantitiesı also quiteşthank you. haroşa double i on circular knitting machinesğwhat to sleepfiednıThe n position differs from rib circular knitting machines.ı two cylinders stacked on top of each other şis attached. mirrorı two hooks on the bodyı the one iğwhat i on two cylindersğwhat channelsı betweenıwith steels and platinumsıheapımoves with it.


    Harosha sandşhomeın general features şflourdır: 

    1-Balanced, smooth surfaced sandşbaconır and therefore k at the edgesıvrıIt won't happen.

    2- Their transverse elasticity is made of single jersey fabric.şthe sameı. longitudinal elasticity of flat fabricşhomeın close k doubleıdır.

    3-Sandş first and last sıgratingıcan be removed from.

    4-Sandş yapısıhow many loops inLIGHT up during mayı go toşafied proceeds in both directions. 








    double plateı in circular knitting machines, perpendicular to each other and lıklı place asşknurledş two iğwhat to sleepfiedis obtained from. 

    Interlock knitted fabricşhomeın knitting techniqueğaccording to i and performance criteriaşlıca properties şflourdır: 

    1-Front and back side mirrorı It has the appearance of double-sided knitted fabric.şbaconır.

    2-Pattern and surface designı sınırlıdır,

    3-Only double plateı can be produced on circular knitting machines,

    4-Front and back surfaces are smooth,

    Xık make aıeither has

    6-Knitting report is in double plate and one s from two systemsıra beşturduğfor u, the amount of yarn spentı is the highest,

    7-A very fine or coarse machine fineğmay have,

    8- Knitting pattern is in double plate and snow lıklı, theğbe on whatştuğfor u and useılan raw materialsı to stayı recordı produced with the thickestın single yarn knitted fabricştır. Knitting report at least 2' in back and frontşer iğknit 2 stitches in a row with whatırasıbe fromşhr.

    9-It has a higher elasticity and flexibility in the vertical direction than in the horizontal direction.ğhas a den,

    10-s in the horizontal directionınırlı a property of elasticity and flexibilityğhas a den,

    11- Dimensional stability and şattachment protection featureği high,

    12-Diğsingle yarn knit fabricşhighest grammageı knitted fabricşcan be obtained,

    13-Exposed to stressLIGHTloopğshows science

    14-Rib knitted fabricşit happenedğLike u, count the number of stitches on the front and backıhomeı eşif it is it, the loops on both sides will balance each other andı kumaşhappened inğk on edges like uıvrıIt will not be visible. RR İinterlock knitted fabricşthey are knitted only lastş they can turn around. İthat knit layerı betweenıair held inğfor you, diğsingle yarn knitted fabricşmore than thoseıheat retention featureğthey have,

    15İinterlock knitted fabricşhomeın make it voluminousısı due to its dehumidification featureğI'm fine, different shuttlesı use yarn or colorsıas striped pattern can be obtained,

    16 İunderwear summerık and kbusinesslık topsş use oneım areaıthey have.




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Circular Knitting Basic Structures