Production on Circular Hand Knitting Machine
  • Production on Circular Hand Knitting Machine

    Knitting Principle of Circular Hand Knitting Machines



    In circular knitting machines, the needles are arranged side by side and in the needle channels opened on circular (in the form of a sleeve) needle beds. These are the machines that perform the knitting process with the help of the locking mechanisms that move the needles moving in the channels during the circular movement of the needle bed, and the needles that are stationary and stationary on the needle bed and channels, and with the appropriate fixed yarn investment. In circular knitting machines, knitting elements and mechanisms are located on needle beds in circular horizontal or vertical positions. The knitting process takes place when the yarns take the appropriate movements from the fixed lock systems and form loops by pulling the yarns laid on them, while these needles make a collective rotation movement in the working places (systems) that are arranged at certain intervals around the needle bed.









    Knitting BusinessPoints to be Considered Before Proceeding



     1-When choosing your yarn; Make a selection by paying attention to the feature of the knitting to be made and the machine number where the knitting process will take place. The point to be noted here is that the yarn number and the machine number are compatible with each other.


    3- İfoldğthe thread of the machineıfrom its guide (arbor) carefully and carefullyğPlease pass the ru.


    4-The given sandşaccording to iğwhat do you chooseınız. That is, i, who will knit first as a result of the movement of the cylinderğwhat's ropeği don't getıpay attention to


    5-Yapıthe specificity of the weave to beğaccording to the knit, adjusts the knittingını doğCheck by ru. Make adjustments from the adjustment steels on the machineılır.


    6- Spindlewhat to knitşbefore iğwhat-shuttle breakıPay attention to the distance. Spindleshuttle whatbusinessmoreı iğwhatırılmasıwhat did you causeır.


    7-İfoldği do shuttleğa careful and şspend it in the field. shuttle settingını Please check.


    8- knitşPrepare the necessary tools and equipment beforeıwhen driving, machine numberı and doımoneyşin specialğmust be taken into accountıdır. Useıto-be transfer iğhook and loop holder knittingşmachine number from lamaıla bağlantılı should be selected.


    9-knitşBefore using the machine, make a general check. Kırıthatğwhatever there isğişyou train. Arbor settingsını, shuttle settingını Please check.


    10 machine lookımını Please do not neglect (orğblade cleaning etc. ). 


    Knitting Başlongıcı 



    knit işfirst time to lemineşcountryLIGHTtechnique applied in. Knitting in circular hand knitting machinesşlongıcı bag should be as knitıdır. knitting başlongıcınıto be neat and clearı, knitted so that it is not easily removedşthe bane of the worldşlongıcıapplied inır. loop on the machineğbe the firstştuğit is the section. 



    Rubber Braids 



    The fabric produced on circular hand knitting machinesşhomeın, usually flexibleğbe too muchı It is the method applied to the desired areas. Use of elastomer or elastomer yarns in knittingılabileğknit like iısıfrom and techniqueğmore flexibilityğcan be obtained. 



    Bag Tire 



    Bag rubber in circular hand knitting machines; i on the 2nd or 3rd revolution of the cylinderğrubber apparatus on whatı yardımıwith 4-5 sıra tireği all iğknit a bag by collecting on whatılmasıwhat is it called. Toıunderstand from lacquerfied It looks like a bag. 



    1x1 Tire Braid 



    Circular hand knitting machinesğWhat tire do you buy?ıearlyğer iğwhat tireği don't get it. cotton drawstringğform the tire surface by taking the denşturns. this işIn order to do the work, be sure to use a rubber apparatus.ının plugılı fact thatı must.









    2x1 Tire Braid 



    In this type of tire knitting, two iğWhat tire do you buy?ıearly oneğwhat tireği don't get it. 



    Plain Knit Surface (Jersey) 



    all iğloop whatşclassesıfabric made withşbaconır. One in one systemğwhat and only play onebusinessma şuse attachedılmasıobtained with.











    Heel - Toeşprison 



    This type of knitting is only used for knitting socks.ılır. my cylinder splitım lap turnşbe withşbeing touredır.






    heel toe 



    Things to consider when knitting heel toe:


    1-knit başlongıcını doğmake ru.


    2-rubber apparatusının thread kıtire from your guideğiiğwhat ağzıto feed.


    3-Rotation of the cylinderşsplit the fameık as m roundsısıclick


    4-Heel apparatusı to use.


    5-upıthe remainder iğwhat playbusinesshold in low position.


    6-Playheati in position rğwhat, half of the cylinderım hr as lapğa left, left-rightğhr in each round by returning toğone from each and one from the leftğwhat's leftırıldLIGHTnı Keep in mind.


    7-Deducted in each round (remainingırıman) iğwhat is thisşbut every turnşone hourğincreased again from one to the leftırılır.Not to forget this (download).


    8-Heel apparatusı useıplay asbusinessi in low positionğplay whatheatDon't forget to bring it to the r position.


    9-Locks on the machine aşafied completely lowering the cylinderwatch him returnğlick


    Note : Heelşum and noseşpublic momentı işlem stepsıbe withşmakadır. nosebleedş8-10 s after hope is overıbetweenıknit flatılır. Afiedrlıclar leftırılır and the knitted surface is hand aşafiedor pulled. this sıcotton thread on shuttleği is cut, cylinder slowşturning into sand n duşmessi sağlanır.



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Production on Circular Hand Knitting Machine